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MRI of Rotator attaching to bone

MRI of rotator attaching to bone. This attachment is torn off when there is a tear of the  Rotator Cuff.

After a fall, a wrenching injury to the shoulder or perhaps with no warning the rotator cuff tendon can tear off its bony attachment.


A painful, weak arm with difficulty performing overhead activities.


X rays and either an ultrasound or MRI scan


Non-Operative:  Tears of the rotator cuff can be treated with physiotherapy to strengthen up the non-affected  muscles and tendons around the shoulder.  Injections of local anaesthetic and cortisone can be given to reduce pain.

Operative:  If the above treatments fail then the rotator cuff tears can be repaired with either keyhole or open surgery depending on the size of the tear.

Rotator Cuff Tear